About us

Arenberg Auctions is the leading auction house in Belgium for old and rare books, old manuscripts, drawings, prints, atlases, maps and photographs.

Arenberg Auctions is the result of the merging in 2018 of houses Henri Godts and The Romantic Agony.

We are located in the Rue aux Laines (« Wool Street ») in Brussels. This street starts off at the « Petit Sablon » close to the Egmont Palace, the property of the Arenberg family in the 18th-19th centuries. This family took the initiative to broaden the Rue aux Laines, parcel the free terrain and build grand mansions along the street. We are operating from a building complex designed by the famous Belgian architect Marc Corbiau.

The name Arenberg Auctions is a historical reference suitable to this unique location. We are pleased to be surrounded by and we aim to contribute to the particular atmosphere of the Sablon-quarter, with its art galleries and weekly antiques market, restaurants and terraces, numerous museums and the Royal Library of Belgium, and the many high-end shopping occasions in the Avenue Louise and Boulevard de Waterloo.

This is not the only interest of the location, also the accessibility and the ease to reach us is a noteworthy asset: the possibility to park in our street or in the parking space under the nearby Place Poelaert, tramway and metro connections, and the train stations Brussels Central and Brussels South at a stone’s throw.

Given the internationalization and professionalization of the world of (antiquarian) auctions, we too have the ambition to continue to grow with our fourteen-strong team to become a major player at the European and international level. Surely, our location and professionalism offers all possibilities to achieve this goal.

All viewing days and auctions of Arenberg Auctions take place in our location in the Rue aux Laines 19/2. When sanitary conditions permit, we intend to offer you a program of exhibitions and lectures in the future.

We hope to welcome you at our auctions and viewing days, and for estimations and expertise, exhibitions and lectures.


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