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Highlights from our next auction

Results from our past auction

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  • Abraham ORTELIUS

    Theatro de la tierra universal. Antwerp, Chr. Plantin, 1588. First Spanish translation of ‘Theatrum orbis terrarum’. With 76 hand-coloured maps.

    € 54.000

  • Jean-Herman FABER

    Portrait of Joseph II of Austria. Brussels, 1782. Oil on canvas, 70 x 46 cm.

    € 32.000

  • Nicolaus CUSANUS

    Letter of indulgence by the cardinal and papal legate, to support the construction of a chapel in Leiden. Leiden, 15 September 1451.

    € 18.000

  • Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe

    Complete set, with +/- 1.965 lithographic plates. Ghent, L. van Houtte, 1845-1880.

    € 11.200



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