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Highlights from our next auction

Results from our past auction

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  • HONDIUS, Jodocus the Younger

    A large pair of library globes, terrestrial and celestial.
    Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1623/1648.

    € 120.000

  • MULLER, Jan Harmensz. After Peter Paul Rubens

    Copperplates for the double-portrait of Albert, Archduke of Austria and his wife, Isabella.

    € 45.000

  • JANSSONIUS, Joannes

    Urbium totius Belgii seu Germaniae Inferioris nobiliorum, & illustriorum tabulae antiquae & novae accuratissime elaboratae. Pars prior [- Pars posterior].
    Amsterdam, J. Janssonius, 1657.

    € 80.000

  • Book of Prayers

    Poenitentiarium in French and Latin.
    [Flanders?, ca. 1490-1500].

    € 46.000


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